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Her Honor Mentoring provides an opportunity for young women to reach their full potential through a unique approach to learning and growth.

Our unique approach...

  • mentees
  • mentors
  • matching
  • the experience
  • Life Skills
  • Changing Lives
Our mentees are bright, enthusiastic high school senior girls, who are determined to reach their full potential and appreciate that an exceptional woman is created with high goals, passion and perseverance.
Our mentors are dynamic women, who are leaders within their professions and community role models. Each mentor is committed to providing a meaningful, personally rewarding mentorship experience and open to developing relationships that can last a lifetime.
Our careful matching process pairs each mentee's career interests and life experiences with a mentor that can guide them on a professional, educational and personal level.
Our mentees work weekly as apprentices at their mentor's workplace. Hands on learning enables each mentee to explore their career interests in a professional,nurturing environment while gaining valuable lessons in responsibility and relationship building.
To enhance a well-rounded experience that transcends the workplace, our mentees attend life skills workshops covering topics such as appropriate business attire, budgeting money and speaking with distinction.
Her Honor Mentoring combines the power of youth and the wisdom of experience to inspire both our mentees and mentors to dream big and achieve bigger!

"I have grown as an individual and have become more professionally responsible."


 "As a mentor, I was able to give guidance to my mentee on a professional, educational and personal level."



"I would tell other students to take this incredible opportunity to learn as much as possible from your mentor."


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"I feel privileged to lend my support to such a powerful program."

- Judge Judy Sheindlin, Founding Partner


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