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Mentoring Resources


Looking for insights to heighten your mentoring experience?

Below are our favorite topics and resources.


Do you want to make sure you are providing your mentee with the best and most effective experience? This Handbook for Mentors gives a play by play on who you are as a mentor, a better understanding of today’s youth, and how to build the mentor-mentee relationship.
Wisdom of Age (for mentors)


Top ten tips for supporting the youth on their path to college.
College and Career Readiness


Gain insights on ways to help your mentee explore their purpose.
Youth Purpose Guide


Engaging your mentee in the business world and the long-term effect.
Business Case for Mentoring


Are you interested in learning more about the power of mentoring? Read about why American adults mentor and why it is important.
Power of Relationships


Read about young people’s perspectives on outcomes, connections, values, and availability of having a mentor in America.
The Mentoring Effect


Find out more about mentoring and the correlation to academic achievement and youth development.
Mentoring: Issue Briefs


Use this toolkit to find more ways to help grow your mentee, cultivate perseverance, self-reflect, and make positive decisions; all of which are elements of a “growth mindset.
Growth Mindset Toolkit & Implementation Guide


Gain insights into how you as a mentor can constitute the relationship between youth and their social world.
Mentoring: A Key Resource for Promoting Positive Youth Development


Innovative ways to develop a close and effective relationship with your mentee.
Fostering Close and Effective Relationships in Youth Mentoring Programs


Mentors and mentees come from a variety of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Learn how diversity plays a role in mentoring here is what researchers found.
Youth Mentoring: Do Race and Ethnicity Really Matter?


Blog insights on keeping up with mentoring in the 21st Century

Incidents of violence and traumatic events in a young adult’s life can impact them in a variety of ways. As a mentor, you want to be able to help and support any negative impacting events in your mentee’s life. Here are guides for recommendations on how to provide support after incidents of violence or trauma. Read about support strategies that can be used to help your mentee during these hard times. Please know that our Her Honor community has a number of partnerships that can provide support services and assistance.
Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence and Trauma