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Who's Who at Her Honor: Team Ward / Salmon

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Who's Who at Her Honor: Team Ward / Salmon

Denisha Ward from New Rochelle High School is very grateful for her mentorship with Kemesha Salmon, owner of TP Toys and Accessories. Denisha’s mentorship experience was unique because she worked in a toy store. On a weekly basis, Denisha works side by side with Kemesha Salmon, a female business owner.

“Kemesha has taught me so much already and I love how our relationship as mentee and mentor is developing. I really enjoy working in a store and gaining hands-on experience.” -Denisha Ward. 

Denisha admires her mentor’s passion for her work. During the holidays, Kemesha was interviewed about her business's involvement with Toys for Tots.

Denisha shares: “They came to speak with Kemesha about why she did toys for tots and what it meant to her. Her words inspired me because it showed how she cares so much about her community and giving back to the people in it”. 

During this mentorship experience, Denisha is learning to think on her feet while also enhancing her communication skills. She enjoys interacting with customers and learning to think on her feet. Denisha is inspired by all the different aspects that go into running a successful business.