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Tuesday June 16, 2020

She Said, She Said on Networking

Her Honor mentees are exposed to diverse work environments during their mentorships. Mentees are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities that help expand their network.


Litzy Valdovinos Thornton.jpg

“With relation to building a network, I am proud that I have met more than a handful of great individuals at MasterCard. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with many of them and learn information on their roles and gain insight into their perspectives” -Mentee; Litzy Valdovinos of Nellie A. Thornton High School. Mentor; Jackie Moore, Vice President of Product & Innovation at Mastercard 



Elaszia Rodriguez Saunders.jpg

“My mentor took me to talk to one of her colleagues who is the Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Buildings. He is an engineer who went to Manhattan College, which is at the top of my list. He shared a lot of insights on which aspect of engineering I'd benefit from the most during my job search” Mentee; Elaszia Rodriguez of Saunders Trade and Technical High School. Mentor; Nay Wasicsko- McLaughlin for The City at Yonkers Department of Information Technology



Diana Ruiz Mount Vernon.jpg

“My mentor made plans for me to meet with her friends in the computer science field and learn more about what they do. I even went on a tour of their workspace and had the real feel of a tech work environment" Mentee; Diana Ruiz of Mount Vernon High School and Mentor; Melina Escoria of IBM 



Anta Paula Tall Lincoln.jpg“I love how Her Honor has a mix of different high schools because we get to network and meet new people! Having open discussions like the one during the Wellbeing workshop was amazing, because I  heard many varying opinions from girls of all different backgrounds and identities, and that may encourage me to keep questioning" Mentee; Anta Paula Tall of Lincoln High School. Mentor; Abigail Saunders of Greyston Bakery