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Tuesday June 16, 2020

She Said, She Said on Career Exploration

Her Honor mentors encourage their mentees to explore different career options they are interested in. Mentees have an opportunity to not only meet with their mentors but also explore varied career paths.


Trintee Bynoe New Rochelle.jpg

“My mentor is very passionate about her job. I hope to understand and eventually gain some of that passion for when it’s time for me to decide my career and learn about what I love doing”- Mentee; Trintee Bynoe of New Rochelle High School. Mentor; Paula McPherson, Assistant Director of Nursing at Dumont Center 


Eglentina Prozhmi Saunders .jpg

“I asked my mentors questions about how they decided to choose their career paths and if it was related to their college major. To my surprise they both said what they majored in college wasn't what they did at Mastercard. I thought that whatever I majored in college was what I had to do as my career path. So it was reassuring to hear that what you major in college isn't always going to become your career path”- Mentee; Eglentina Prozhmi of Saunders High School and Mentor Sarah Glaswand 


Allenia Robinson Lincoln.jpg

“I scheduled marketing posts on the EFLI Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also created a document on the standard account and brainstormed caption ideas for the future. It was fun doing something different and getting to use my wit and imagination to come up with funny and creative captions that will draw the viewers eyes. It was interesting to learn  brand new insights for marketing purposes, especially since I plan on pursuing a career in marketing”- Mentee; Allenia Robinson of Lincoln High School and Mentor; Ella Mosco at Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute


Hillary Rodrigues, .jpg

“My mentor helped me meet with a student of hers that was in the army and helped me with a lot of questions that I had about the military and college and what to do first. We did a lot of research together on ROTC and what that would mean for me. She really helped me figure out what I’m going to do in the future because I wasn’t really sure on whether I should enlist in the Navy first or go into the ROTC  program in college. The information that I learned definitely helped clear things up” -Mentee Hilary Rodrigues of Mamaroneck High School and Mentor; Professor Leslie Tenzer at Pace Law School


Diana Ruiz Mount Vernon.jpg

“The most notable advice I was given is that whenever I am being interviewed for a job to make sure to also interview the interviewer and workplace as well. This made me really stop and think because so many people, (teachers, guidance counselors, older relatives) just focus on how to prepare students to be interviewed but never teach us how to properly assess whether or not we will be content at a new job”- Mentee; Diana Ruiz of Mount Vernon High School and Mentor; Melina Escoria at IBM 



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